Friday, 27 August 2010

Facilitators and Participants

So this week, supported by an excellent consultant, we delivered the Financial Planning workshop to the State School Improvement Team. (See previous post)

Surprisingly I wasn’t nervous, and I have discovered that teaching adults is just the same as teaching children! For some reason, it is really important that you are called the facilitator and they are the participants. As you can see from the second photo, they love to take their shoes off whenever they can. Also 4 new female members have been recruited, which will provide excellent role models in the schools and workplaces.

These lizards, some as big as my foot, fascinate me. They have been scurrying around the workshop, running very fast, perched up high on their feet. Then they stop, bob their heads up and down quickly and look around. Their skin reminds me of a plastic toy. They are everywhere in Dutse and although I do get a bit nervous if they come close, they are harmless and run away from you.

Our workshop has been very successful and I have especially enjoyed living with the consultant who has been staying with me in the guesthouse. I am off to Kano, a busier town about 2 hours away this weekend, to visit another VSO.

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