Monday, 20 September 2010

The Kennedys

This post is dedicated to my wonderful family :0)

They were most upset that only Fiona got a mention in my first blog post because we did the car boot sale together. So this was taken on my last night in England and as you can see, they are very happy that I am going! So happy in fact, that I have only received one phone call from them collectively so far. A phone call in which I had to arrange a time for them to phone me!

However we are getting the hang of Skype, which is brilliant, and we are perfecting the few second time delay, a skill for me which I have to get used to when conversing with Nigerians. Before you ask your simple question here you must spend 5 minutes giving the background, then you can ask the question. All this has to be done without pausing for breath. If you wait for clarification or a simple ‘yes’ confirmation (like a nod of the head) then you won’t have chance to finish what you are saying! They will have jumped in and answered whatever they want and will be talking for the next five minutes without pausing or checking that you are understanding, following or even listening!

This is similar to the Skype time delay conversations. If you pause mid point, like you normally do in conversations for people to agree or give a gesture, etc. then conversation gets confusing.

Here are my dedicated family doing the final carboot sale was done with the last of my stuff. Another £43 was raised for VSO. Thank you.
Also, thank you to everyone who has additionally donated through just giving. :0)

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  1. Hey Lucy,

    I think you'll be spending a lot of time in Westbourne on your return doing all the charity shops as doesn't sound as if you will have much to come back to.(clothes I mean)x