Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Colleges of Education

A fellow VSO who is working in a College of Education in a different state told me some shocking facts.

1. Teaching is the last resort career option. Anyone can get onto this course. It is often the option that students are forced to if they are not accepted for other courses.

2. Far too many students are accepted onto the course so it is completely overcrowded, with as many as 7 students to squashed to a small desk.

3. The students give the lecturers N20-30 during the assessments for the lecturer to turn their heads while they copy their friends. (Imagine out of 1000s of students how much money the lecturers will receive on the side)

4. Boys give the lecturers money to pass the courses, whilst girls offer sexual favours.

5. Girls who already have children have no option but to bring them to class. They are forced to breast feed their babies in the extremely inadequate and unhygienic toilet facilities. This is probably a stinking hole in the ground surrounded by 3 walls and a door hanging off. No running water nearby.

6. Especially some village girls who cannot speak English at all and have had very little education are qualifying to be Primary School teachers due to the above.

7. The lecturers freely admit to the above happening and don’t seem to be aware of how immoral it is. This is obviously the cycle that they went through themselves.

So this is the state of the teachers that the colleges are producing.

VSO say that this is corruption and not culture.

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