Thursday, 9 December 2010

Class Teacher Module 1 (CT1)

Over the past couple of months we have been working towards training 900 class teachers and head teachers in Jigawa State for what is known as CT1 – Class Teacher Module 1.

There have been copious amounts of planning and preparation. The first has been to decide the content of the workshop to deliver to the teachers. Next the schools had to be selected, followed by which teachers from those schools would be invited. Then we delivered the training to the SSIT (State School Improvement Team). Now, finally, the SSIT go to their various towns throughout the state and deliver the workshop to the teachers.

I travelled to towns called Birniwa and Malam Madori which are approximately 2 ½ hours away from where I am living in Dutse. I supported and mentored some members of the SSIT in delivering the workshop to the class teachers.

It was wonderful to meet and train with the teachers and head teachers to hear their positive feedback about how the previous training has really improved their schools and made them happier in their jobs. The head teachers admit that they had no idea on how to run a school before and they are really pleased to be trained in managing a school and involving the community to support improvements.

Some of the topics the teachers are being trained on are
• how children learn best, e.g. child centred approach to teaching
• how to ask open questions to get children to think - at present the main question asked is ‘do you understand?’ to which the reply is always ‘yes’
• raising children’s self esteem, rather than telling them they are wrong and stupid or shouting at them and intimidating them
• how to get children to work in pairs
• how to use local materials to support learning e.g. stones, bottle tops, sticks etc.

Now that the training has been delivered to the class teachers I am looking forward to joining the SSIT in visiting schools and supporting class teachers and head teachers in practising these new approaches.

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