Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Dutse Dubar

I have just read Beth's blog about the Muslim Festival that happened in November. The 'second sallah.' You may remember a previous blog post about the 'first sallah' when we went to Kano to celebrate.

We heard that there were going to be good celebrations in Dutse, as it is the capital of Jigawa State so there were 5 VSOs altogther in my Palace and I am proud to announce that we were all from different countries. 5 VSO's representing 5 nationalities.

We had a lovely time and I learnt some good cooking skills and market tips from the others.

The 2 most wonderful moments were that I finally got to experience traditional music and dance in Nigeria. This time each town that paraded brought dancers and musicians. I can't believe that it has taken this long to hear music and dance in Nigeria, apart from in the church.

The second most wonderful moment was on the third day of the parades, all the women and children came out of the homes to watch the parades. I hardly see women so it was a magical moment to place myself amongst (very short - so I could hardly blend in) woman and children.

So please click on the link to hear Beth's tales of her visit to Dutse, photos of the parade and the Emir's Palace.
Thanks Beth

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  1. I think we talked about meeting up with Alice in London at Christmas? Well I'm still out here in The Gambia - missing all those flights delays!

    Have a great Christmas wherever you are!