Monday, 28 March 2011

Muslim Men in Jigawa State

These young men are actually from Kano State (a neighbouring state). They are posing in an English fashion, i.e. smiling - Nigerian's normally just keep a straight face.

  • Every morning when the men greet they shake hands very enthusiastically and pat each other on the back. You may still find them shaking hands five minutes later.

  • If a joke is told, they shake hands very hard with the person who told the joke or anyone close to them.

  • Men wear very long (down to their ankles) kaftans or shirts, usually in a light colour, that they hitch up when they sit down. This must be accompanied by a cap to be seen as respectable.

  • You can easily find men and boys dressed in pink or purple or wearing very flowery prints!

  • Men are not allowed to shake hands with women.

  • Men do not eat with women.

  • Do not be surprised to see men walking and holding hands! (But never a male and female holding hands.) Females too walk about holding hands with each other.

  • In Kano some men (see photo) lead a workshop for female teachers. They are not allowed to sit at the tables with the females. They cannot even stand in the circle with them when teaching them a game.

  • Muslim men can have up to 4 wives. It is very important for them to treat each wife equally.

  • It is common for Muslim men not to let their wives leave the house unless it is an emergency, for example, to visit the hospital.

  • It is the man’s job to shop in the market to buy food and supplies.

  • Men are the ‘masters of the house.’ They are in charge of everything.

  • Men never cook.

  • They love to hold babies and young children, even if not their own.

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  1. The hand shake part is true, took me a while to understand this but hand shakes occur when some important point is made or some work is praised.

    call Nigeria