Monday, 20 June 2011

Things that made me smile last week. . .

1. I met a man (slim changes it would be a female) who told me he had been to England. His second sentence was: ‘There are no goats in England!’ Here in Dutse, it would be very strange to go out and not see a goat on the streets.

2. I visited a very large primary school to meet a Head Teacher and I found him sat at his desk listening to the radio because he had nothing else to do!!! When I asked to borrow the curriculum, he couldn’t find any.

3. I had my first experience of being sick here in Nigeria, (food poisoning) and actually vomited in a primary school. (That bit didn’t make me smile.) So I take to my bed and spend the rest of the day sleeping, only to have to continuously get up, quickly change to make myself presentable as I was of course sleeping in my pyjamas and looked a mess, and greet visitors. It didn’t take me long to realise that I should just sleep in my clothes ready for the next visitor.

4. Whilst supporting class teacher training I discovered one group of teachers who were counting to 11 had missed out numbers 7 and 8! (Eyes up to heaven as I smile.)

5. Half of the class of class teachers were seriously debating that prime numbers is something that should be taught in Class 2!!! (Breathing deeply to stay calm as I smile.)

6. Watching the sunset over the rocks with friends.


  1. Lovely snapshots of your life.

    Sorry you've been ill - better now? I know what you mean - whenever I'm sick, I seem to be absolutely bombarded with phonecalls and visitors. It's lovely to know people care, but how are you supposed to rest and recuperate?!

  2. lol !!! @ number 4 and 5. you have a good sense of humour and your blog is interesting.

    sorry about your vomitting experience.

  3. One amazing experience you had there in Nigeria. Many people from all over the world take flights to Abuja or Lagos, the two prominent cities of Nigeria each year either for holidays or volunteering in charitable events. It is a wonderful place in Africa worth visiting.